Aerosmith Tickets Are Back, And So Is A Truly Legendary Band

Aerosmith Tickets Are Back, And So Is A Truly Legendary Band

Aerosmith tickets have been in extreme demand for decades, and this band has long enjoyed legendary status in the world of music. For over 35 years, Aerosmith has been lighting up venues all over the world with their brand of hard rock and incredibly intense concerts, and the band is back for another tour. Although Aerosmith is beloved by millions and has served as an inspiration for countless bands that have followed them, their time together was not without trials and tribulations.

Early Beginnings

The band came together mostly by happenstance, as the five men who ultimately formed the group were all in Boston playing in different bands and knocking around in local clubs. Each of the members shared a vision of rock and roll that was a bit of a departure from the recently-completed 1960’s, in that they all wanted to incorporate an edge into their sound and to do whatever they could to work their on-stage and private personalities into their delivery.

As such, Joe Perry, Tom Hamilton, Joey Kramer, Steven Tyler and Ray Tabano got together and began to jam regularly. They discovered that they were a good mix, and they came up with a plan to form a hard rock and roll band. It was 1970, and music was beginning to move away from the psychedelic 1960’s and into an uncertain musical time, which was the perfect opportunity with a band that carried an innovative sound.

The band began to work the club scene in Boston, and their live shows immediately led to a local reputation among music followers. Record producers caught wind of this reputation and heard the band in 1972. Immediately after a show, Columbia Records signed Aerosmith to a record deal.

The band got to work on their first album, but they continued to tour relentlessly. Their initial release came out in 1973 and was entitled, fittingly enough, Aerosmith. The record was met with success, as it climbed to number 21 on the charts. Given the success of their debut and the already-high demand for Aerosmith tickets, the band had already established a name for itself.

High-Flying Success

Aerosmith took off on the heels of that first album, and while still continuing to tour endlessly, their studio work produced a string of smash hit albums. Over the next three decades, the band released 13 subsequent albums, and all of them sold at least one million copies each. Aerosmith was also known by many as the greatest concert band in the world.

As was and is typical with high-flying rock and roll bands, Aerosmith’s lifestyle mirrored the typical rock and roll story. All of the band’s members were notorious party animals, and their fame and fortune allowed them to cross over into several mainstream markets, which was a rare accomplishment at the time.


This lifestyle led to several obstacles for both the individual members and the band as a whole. The band struggled with addiction and substance abuse, and this problem hit its high point in the early 1980’s. Their problems with drugs and alcohol became so severe that the band began to splinter into several directions and Columbia Records began to withdraw its support for the band’s albums and tours. These problems hit the news when Tyler was arrested for possession of cocaine in 1983. He plead guilty to the charges and received a fine and probation.

Ultimately, pressure from peers and management persuaded the band’s members to seek help, which they did, and they got back to work. As soon as they began releasing additional albums, their success was as immediate as it was during their formative years.

Overall, Aerosmith is known for their personality, their legendary live performances and their innovative hard rock style. Aerosmith tickets will allow you to see a band that has stayed cool for more than three decades, and they’re always worth the effort to see.

Where To Start with Lessons and More

Why You Should Learn Music Taking musical lessons is very good idea, it has a lot of advantages that will surely benefit a lot of learners. Obviously, the biggest advantage of taking music lessons is that you can play the instrument of your choice with apparent ease and proficiency, making you a talented person; of course, anyone can learn to play musical instruments even on their own if they have the patience and determination to do it, but an advantage of taking actual musical classes is that you gain valuable insight on the more technical aspects of music like reading music sheets and etc. For younger kids who are still in school, taking musical classes has been reported to help in terms of their academics; most likely, children who have musical lesson tend to excel more in terms of academics, this is because, the values and other things they learn during their musical lessons can be applied in the school setting. In fact, some mothers and fathers who are eager observers claim that there is a close connection between math lessons and musical lessons; perhaps musical lessons can assist youngsters with fundamental math because studying about beats, scales and rhythms is fairly identical to studying, multiplication, addition, subtraction and division and can even assist in studying fractions. For this reason, young children who have an understanding of music have an exceptional comprehension of arithmetic; the recollection abilities that are essential to master music can also be an exceptional training to the intelligence of young people. Apart from the intellectual capabilities that they develop, they also obtain physical capabilities like excellent hand and eye coordination for example; various musical instruments need various physical skills if you want to get good at it, for example, playing the guitar needs a great deal of dexterity for doing the chords and strumming the guitar. The violin requires great hand and eye coordination to handle the instrument itself as well as the bow; drums are also very taxing when it comes to endurance because repeatedly banging the drumstick to the drums is very taxing especially if the beat is fast.
Getting To The Point – Classes
Taking musical classes can also develop your social skills since there is a lot of time when collaboration is needed between musicians. A fine example of this is playing in a band or in an orchestra or even just practicing songs with other musically inclined people; good social skills are needed in order for them to produce good quality music.
A Brief Rundown of Lessons
Music is one of the best ways to develop your personality and even your whole being, be it physically, cognitively and socially because it is a very diverse and beautiful art.

What I Can Teach You About Music

Music Lessons: Giving a Good Future for Your Kids It is very true that as a parent, you want to give all the best for your kids. There are a lot of music schools out there that could provide music lessons to your kids for their development and love for music. When kids undergo training for piano and guitar, you can find them being hardheaded so you have to bear with them. But, if you want them to appreciate music while they are still young, you need to motivate them to do well in their music classes. Excellence in music lessons can be one when you are able to motivate your kids and there are some techniques that you need to consider. Since the playing of instruments need to be perfect, it would make sense somehow if you would be consistent in teaching your kids. It might be crucial because you also need to adjust your time but you really have to make a follow-up on the level of your children in terms of playing guitar or piano. If you really want to set an example to your child, it would be a big help if you would also learn how to play the guitar or piano. You also need to learn how to handle the instruments so that your kids would get the necessary follow up from you. You have to make your kids love music first before letting them get into the meaty substance of the lesson. The concept is like what mothers do as they introduce music to their kids before they are born. Many researchers have proved that the unborn kids may have heard music and they even respond into the music. When they are born, they would surely continue responding into it.
What Do You Know About Lessons
If you will give your kids a chance to enjoy, then, letting them attend sessions for guitar and piano is just a good choice. If you want to get some good recommendations, the best thing that you need to do is to ask the parents around your neighborhood. After finding the best school, you have to take time interviewing the trainers and know later on if they are operating according to their standards.
What Do You Know About Lessons
If you are now decided to bring your children to the music institution, then, you can expect that they would surely benefit a lot of things out there. When they do recitals, they can develop a high level of self-confidence. You have to join your kids in learning music because it leads them to a bright future. You may take online music lessons as well.

Dance for Children

Dance for Children

When it comes to our children, we want to give them the world. Many little girls and some little boys show an early interest in dance and you should not worry about gender stereotypes at young ages especially. The benefits of dance for children far outweigh any potential stereotyping that may come about as the result. Children, whether male or female can learn many things from dance classes that go far beyond practical applications in their dancing. These life lessons are part of the appeal of dance classes to parents around the world.

Dance Teaches Important Lessons

Much like team sports, dance for children can teach some invaluable and important lessons. Discipline and self-control are very important character traits when it comes to dance. You must practice and you must hold yourself in the proper positions for the moves you need to take. Your child will also learn to take turns, to share attention, and to cooperate with others. These are very important skills for a young child to develop and dance classes are often offered for children at a much younger age than many team sports. Your child will also learn the importance of being a part of a group as many dances involve everyone in the class.

Dance classes also teach your children about music, rhythm, and beat. Your child will become more coordinated as the result of their dance classes and these classes are a great way in which to encourage physical fitness and exercise. By teaching your child early in life the importance of movement and fitness you will instill in him or her the tools he or she will need in order to remain physically fit throughout the course of his or her life.

Dance for children will also help build self-esteem in your child as he or she accomplishes new goals and tasks each week. You should watch closely however and make sure that this isn’t backfiring by having your child in a style of dance that he or she finds frustrating. While you do want your child’s dance classes to present a challenge you also do not want them to be so much of a challenge that your child isn’t enjoying them either.

You should also keep in mind that if you are considering a long-term commitment to dance classes and competitive dance, the financial commitment could be significant. This is not a cheap alternative to team sports. In fact, quite the opposite is true at older and more competitive levels of dance. Not only are the financial commitments serious but also the commitment of time. Dance is a wonderful method for teaching your child many important skills that will greatly help develop the character of your child. That being said you should be aware that if this becomes something in which your child is exceptionally talented, you might find that the costs are more than you had imagined.

You will also find that there are many different types of dance that are offered for children. Among some of the more popular are ballet, jazz, tap, ethnic dances, hip hop, and belly dancing just to name a few. Younger children will probably take a few creative movement classes rather than jumping into one specific style. This gives your children a chance to experience different styles of dance and to discover which moves are more enjoyable and natural feeling to them.

All in all, dance for children is a great way to build invaluable social skills. Much more importantly however, it is an opportunity to teach your children the importance of being part of something larger than themselves. This is something far too few children really understand and that will serve them well as they grow and become adults. If you are looking for an excellent studio that teaches dance for children you should really concentrate on those studios that place an emphasis on personal development for your child more than competitive opportunities, particularly in younger years. As your child’s talents and enthusiasm for dance grow you can always choose to move your child to a more competition focused studio.



Eric Clapton – “Slowhand” Returns To The Stage In 2006

Eric Clapton – “Slowhand” Returns To The Stage In 2006

Eric Clapton, thought by many to be the preeminent guitar authority in the world, is returning to the stage in the summer of 2006. His story is one that relates directly to the decades of timeless music he has produced, and Clapton is revered by fans of several generations. His life is one of struggle and sadness, and his music is seen by many of his fans as his personal triumph over his circumstances.

Early Life

Clapton was born in 1945 in England, although he didn’t really know who his parents were until later in childhood. His father was a Canadian service man who went back to Canada after World War II, and his natural mother left soon thereafter to join him. Eric was left to be raised by his grandparents, who he thought were his real parents until he was nine years old. Clapton knew his real mother as his sister, as his grandparents wanted to shield him from the stigma that came with being an “illegitimate” child.

Clapton was first inspired by music as a young teenager when he watched Jerry Lee Lewis perform on television, and his life-long love of the blues was born that day. He attended school with the intent on becoming a stained glass designer was derailed when he was expelled at 17 for playing his guitar in class. Despite what was seen as a setback at the time, the incident propelled Clapton into music full time.

Early Career

Clapton proceeded to work a series of low-end jobs while continuing to learn and play the blues with his guitar. In 1963, he joined a band called the Yardbirds, which just happened to boast of three enormously popular guitarists – Clapton, Jimmy Page and Jeff Beck. The band was an instant smash hit, and they were known for their bluesy style and riveting guitar melodies. However, Clapton became disillusioned with the band’s progression towards mainstream rock and roll, and left the band in 1965.

Clapton spent the next year making the band the Bluesbreakers extremely popular, but in 1966, he decided to form his own band, naming it Cream.

Reaching Potential

Cream was one of the most recognizable and loved bands in the world, and every one of their albums was a huge hit. Cream was mentioned in the same breath as the Rolling Stones and the Beatles, and the trio recorded three albums before deciding to put together a farewell cut entitled Goodbye in 1969. There were many reasons for the band’s break up, but drug abuse and clashing egos were seen as the primary reasons.

Later that year, Clapton became a member of rock’s first “super group” when he teamed with Steve Winwood, Ric Grech and Ginger Baker. Although the band released only one album which was named after the band, Blind Faith climbed to number one on the North American Billboard album charts, and the work is still selling well to this day.

Going Solo

After all of his experience in highly successful bands, Clapton decided to strike out on his own, and this would prove to be an extremely wise decision. However, Clapton first had to get past his drug addiction, which was no small task. Once he had, however, he got right back into what he loved most, and released an album entitled 461 Ocean Boulevard in 1974. The album included a cover of Bob Marley’s I Shot the Sheriff, which not only experienced chart success, but brought exposure to the world of reggae that was seen as “the” boost to the genre in general.

In the past 30 years, Clapton has released 15 studio albums which have contained songs that are considered by many to be anthems more than singles, including such mega-hits as “Knockin’ on Heaven’s Door,” “Lay Down Sally,” “Cocaine” and “Wonderful Tonight.”

Bringing It All Together

The result of Clapton’s work goes beyond millions of records sold and tens of millions of loyal fans. He is the only artist to be inducted into the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame three times, has won several Grammy Awards and is known for his guitar skill in every country in the world. He has never lost his love for the blues, and continues to thrill crowds with his heart-felt renditions of his and other songs that were written over the decades, and everyone who has a chance to see him live considers it a privilege and an honor.

Learning The Secrets About Photography

What Benefits Do We Get From Art Galleries? The image that conjures in the minds of people when they hear art galleries are hallways with dim lighting and various forms of art on the walls. Bottom line is you are correct at some point but not in most cases. These art galleries can be described as a cluster or single rooms that the function is to exhibit the beautiful works of different people with various forms of art just like drawings, photos, sculptures, paintings and many more forms of art. The art gallery is usually a room where different individuals gather to share their common interest to appreciate and promote works of artisans. What you will usually see on these exhibits are paintings. Rising artists can use these galleries as their stepping stone to recognition and fame for the work they’ve done. One function of a gallery is to be able to encourage the creative individuals to become proud and confident of their works. The visitors of these galleries are the kind of people who feels happy admiring the works of these artisans and some of these people even buy their works. Whether positive or negative feedbacks, these are openly welcomed by the artisans for the reason that it is advantageous on their part because it gives them a chance to improve on their work. If what the artisan’s work is good then it’s natural effect would be that he or she would be recognized by the community or even the rest of the world. There are even a few artisans whose purpose in visiting the galleries is to gather new concepts for their next work and there are those who visit to be able to learn about the various techniques used by the artisans. As a matter of fact, there are some galleries that hold fairs because their goal is to be able to exhibit the skills of the artisans. Art galleries can either be exclusive to only some people or it can either be open for the public. Private galleries are exclusive to people who received an invitation to pay a visit to the gallery or open only to people who passed their requirements. As stated beforehand, there could be a number of reasons why galleries are held and one reason could be for them to exhibit the works of these individuals or for these individuals to earn through selling of their work. Artisans are greatly thankful for the creation of galleries because individuals who understand their creations go and view his art for pleasure. Nevertheless, galleries that are open for the public involves a number of advantages, too. One domino effect of opening the gallery to the public is that the artisan is able to gain more audience for his work and would in turn get recognized for the work he has done. However, an entrance fee of a certain amount is asked for by the galleries that are open for viewing to the public.3 Art Tips from Someone With Experience

On Artists: My Experience Explained

The Verve Always Bitter Sweet

The Verve Always Bitter Sweet

Following the news that The Verve have reunited and are to do a series of U.K. concerts, tickets which you can purchase here through, is the promise of a fourth album from one of Britain’s most enigmatic and popular alternative rock groups.

Formed in 1989 in Wigan, The Verve came together originally as Verve, at Winstanley Sixth Form College with vocalist Richard Ashcroft, guitarist Nick McCabe, bassist Simon Jones, and drummer Peter Salisbury.

Influenced heavily by The Beatles, Pink Floyd, The Raspberries, Funkadelic, and Krautrock, the band also became quickly known as having a near-legendary appetite for psychedelic drugs. Through these influences, Verve were soon stirring audiences with the captivate qualities of musical painting and lyrical intelligence.

Hut Records signed them in 1991 and their first studio release came the following year with All In The Mind, She’s a Superstar, and the Gravity Grave EP, which was critically acclaimed.

A Storm in Heaven followed in 1993 but did not sell well, only reaching number 27 in the U.K. album chart. A disastrous tour with the alternative rock festival, Lollapalooza, followed, in which Ashcroft was hospitalized for Ecstasy-induced dehydration, and Salisbury arrested for wrecking a Kansas City hotel room in a drug-fuelled rage.

More tragedy for the band followed when the jazz label Verve Records sued them for trademark infringement, forcing the group to change their name to The Verve, as it remains today.

Turmoil and drugs continued to be a growing problem in the band well into the recording of the follow-up album, A Northern Soul in 1995. Rampant drug misuse and the increasingly strained relationship between McCabe and Ashcroft began to take a heavy toll on the band.

A Northern Soul made it to number 13, but even so, Ashcroft broke up the band three months after its release before reuniting them a few weeks later – without McCabe.

Simon Tong joined the band for the remainder of the 1996 tour, and in 1997 McCabe returned to the fold and the writing of the third album began. It was Urban Hymns that gave The Verve their first taste of widespread commercial success. Not only was the album a hit in the U.K., but it also gave them widespread exposure in the USA and rest of the world.

In an ironic twist, the first single from the album, Bitter Sweet Symphony, reached number 1 in the U.K. charts, yet never made the band a single penny in profit. The song borrowed a sample of a symphonic recording of the Rolling Stones, The Last Time, but despite ABKCO Records (The Rolling Stones back catalogue owners) warning the band against using it, they went ahead. This prompted a law suit, the outcome of which saw The Verve losing 100% of the song’s royalties, and Keith Richards and Mick Jagger being awarded songwriting credits and full publishing rights.

The follow-up single, The Drugs Don’t Work gave the band their first U.K. number one single, but soon after this the effects of the in-fighting prevalent in the band for so long, broke them for the final time. By then The Verve had become one of the most influential British alternative rock acts of the decade, and their split left a gaping whole in the U.K. music scene.

The announced their break up in April 1999 to the dismay of their fans, but after several solo projects over the last few years, announced a new album earlier this year, coinciding with a six-date tour scheduled for November and December 2007.

While the management opted for only a limited number of tour dates from fear of deterioration in fan base, all The Verve tickets sold out in less than 20 minutes.

Discography – Studio Albums
A Storm in Heaven (1993) – #27 (UK)
A Northern Soul (1995) – #13 (UK)
Urban Hymns (1997) – #1 (UK)

Tour Dates
November: 2nd/3rd – Carling Academy Glasgow, 5th/6th – Empress Ballroom Blackpool, 8th/9th – Roundhouse London
December: 13th – The O2 Arena London, 20th – Manchester Central (Formerly GMEX)

The Apple Iphone – Why?

The Apple Iphone – Why?

In January of 2007, Apple announced that it was entering into the portable phone market with the development and launch of the iPhone. Scheduled for release in June of 2007, the Apple iPhone will be able to play music like an iPod, surf and browse the web, take pictures, showcase videos, send text messages and emails, and, maybe, make or take a phone call or two.

Big deal.

For every new cell phone or cell phone company that introduces itself to the market, proclaiming that their particular model of cell phone can, say, play music, there are dozens of other names and brands, some popular, some not, that can do exactly the same thing. What’s the catch? What’s the hook? Where’s the innovative technological design that’s supposed to make the public stand up and take notice?

Now, the Apple iPhone does have complete virtual touch-screen. There are no raised buttons to press and push, and everything is operated with the sense of a finger. Now, that actually is a cool feature, but, it might not be completely practical. Why? Simply because when I look at my hands, I see chubby fingers that are not going to be able to accurately press any button on a small touch screen. Now, unless that screen is 6″ across, which, if that were the case, might defeat the entire mobility purpose of the phone.

Why does Apple feel the need to develop and create their own portable phone? Could it be that they really want to revolutionize portable communication? Do they want to make the world a better place? Can they offer something that no one else can?

Look at it this way: why does Lindsay Lohan think she could sing?

Because it’s another revenue stream to be mined, that’s why? Now, there’s no doubt that the iPhone is cool, and will find a popular and receptive audience. But, like Lohan’s singing attempts, it doesn’t really improve the world and the world wouldn’t notice it if it weren’t around. It’s just there, and it will make money. Partially because of its features, partially because of curiosity seekers, and partially because of people loyal to the brand name.

No one is begrudging Apple for getting in on the portability craze. After all, Apple may have taken that craze to incredible heights with the development and release of the iPod. So, it makes sense, then, to fuse the iPod with a cellular phone. But, it’s already been done before.

Maybe the real issue is that if Apple released a phone without web, email, video player and other bells and whistles, that it simply wouldn’t sell and just sit there on the shelves. If Lindsay Lohan had to sing on her own merits, she might be joining that lonely phone. But, add some studio effects, create some stylish videos and surround her with talented musicians, and she becomes passable and tolerable.

In today’s ultra-connected world, it seems that no one will buy a cell phone for the expressed purpose of having a phone with you while on the go. You need to have everything or your will appear to be nothing.

Instantly slow down guitar solo

Instantly slow down guitar solo

Not at all few are the ones that enjoy going to concerts, regardless of age, favorite music genre or other preferences such as band and/or location. People enjoy going to concerts because their favorite artists or some classic legends are performing at a distance so close to them that it makes everything dream-like. For this reason, amateurs have always tried to reproduce their idol’s performances, especially when it comes down to guitar training. In this process artists have realized the need to slow down guitar solo performances in order to be able to better understand the musical notes, tone and generic riff performing. There are various ways to slow down guitar solo, methods applied worldwide in musical studios, even if there is always a much cheaper and similarly reliable alternative.

Every guitar student has not just once heard a guitar lick that he or she wanted to learn even if it seemed always too fast to follow, making it a very time consuming activity to try to reproduce using the normal playing speed. Trying to learn a part of a song with too much going on or the simple attempt to hear just the piano in a specific performance makes it very difficult for artists to improve their skills. Pulling different instruments out of a song so that you can solo or learn that song using that specific instrument part can be a very tedious if not difficult process. In order to achieve this various studio hardware has been deployed over the centuries to slow down guitar solo so that artists would be able to both track and improve performances.

As expensive as it may be, this type of hardware did its job. With the ability to slow down guitar solo, performers such as Jimi Hendrix or Joe Satriani have been easily followed by amateurs trying to reproduce their riffs and tones with the feeling of a real rock superstar in their minds. This feeling is often emphasized by famous guitarists when they choose to express their skills using terrific guitar solos, parts of songs or individual performances which more than often remain in the memory of all audience, lasting over time in the hearts and minds of many. For this reason, being able to slow down guitar solo made it possible for many guitar amateurs to become their very own superstars in a very short amount of time.

Sad but true, old methods are nowadays obsolete and cannot be considered anymore, especially since the revolution made by the PC in mostly all industries, including, of course, the musical industry. Software products such as the award winning Riff Master Pro have managed to put a lot of the hardware used to slow down guitar solo into the box, making it possible to instantly slow down guitar solos without changing the pitch with a feature-rich interface that allows users to benefit from capabilities such as saving an already slow guitar solo for later training purposes.

This software is helpful for transcribing, working out a difficult riff, helping you learn new song techniques and slowing down music for dance performances while making everything very easy to use and accessible for even a non-technical PC user.

A Wonderful Gift For A Girl

Choosing the right gift for a young girl can be an overwhelming task for many people. Most young girls love to sing and they also love the Hello Kitty character. It is a safe guess to think that a hello kitty karaoke player is a perfect gift that she will adore. A karaoke player will allow her to sing along with her favorite songs with a microphone of her own. She can be the star of the show and this is a great way for her to use her creativity and imagination. This is definitely not a toy that will be lost somewhere in the back of the closet. This is something that she will use often.

There are several different Hello Kitty models from which to choose and they range in price depending on the features that are offered. The price range is generally between seventy five and one hundred dollars. Some of them have a built in video camera, lyric screen, special effects such as disco ball and much more. This is a gift that she is sure to love and this is especially true if she loves to sing. She is sure to be overjoyed when she unwraps this gift.

A really great feature about these machines is the fact that they work with a specially made CD called a CD+G. You can purchase them both online and at many retailers. The child can keep adding new songs to her collection and this will keep it fresh and new. The CD+G choices are very reasonable in price and it is very easy to add to their musical library of songs to sing. Many love the fact that they can keep adding new song because the gift will never get boring or old.

If you are in need of a fantastic gift for a girl who is between the ages of 3-10, this is a great idea. Even children older than the age of 10 enjoy singing with a microphone as do a lot of adults. This is a truly fun and creative gift and one that will be very much appreciated.